Saturday, 19 May 2012

Just Add...Skin...

Now that I've finished the armature in all of its tin foil glory, as you can see below, it's time for the skin layer.
 Pasta machines, as I learned, are not only great for making home-made pasta, but are really great for running your Sculpy through, to make it flat and really skin-like. It's really kind of a cool technique. Just don't use the machine ever again for making pasta, unless you want to poison yourself. That would be a bad thing.
Once I had some really flat pieces, I added them on top of the tin foil armature. This saves a lot of clay and the foil structure acts like a skeleton. And, the foil won't catch fire, when you finally bake it (so I am told.). Here are this weeks photos of Zombie Kitty Kawaii! with her first layer of skin:

Now, the fun truly begins. I get to start modelling her!


  1. Oh, I see a flame. Keep ZKK safe from that fire ...

    1. I'm keeping my eye on that fellow student's candle (she's working in wax.).

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Lilian! She's now looking more like a KAT at least.